Codeception: HTML and Accessibility Validation

For my latest web project, Antragsgrün 3, I’m heavily using Codeception for acceptance testing. As I want to ensure that the system validates against the HTML5 standard and is accessible, I’ve written two helpers for Codeception that I want to share: one Helper that validates the current site using the Nu Html Checker (, and one that validates it against WCAG2.0 (A, AA or AAA) or Section 508 using Pa11y.

Both helpers are using the command line tools, so they do not rely on an online web service and can be used offline. While the accessibility validator works with both the PhpBrowser and the Webdriver module of Codeception, the Html Validators needs Webdriver (which, while a bit more difficult to set up, is superior anyway).

Validating the current site is as easy as:


(There are also some parameters for choosing the accessibility standard and to ignore certain errors).

The code and installation instructions are on these two gists:
HTML Validator
Accessibility Validator


  1. Nice, thanks! We use the HTML validation now basically as you describe. You can use PhpBrowser, too, by a:



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